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Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Aug 20, 2008

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If an occasion arises for you to give a gift to your boyfriend, you will likely purchase a greeting card along with whatever gift you have selected. You will want this to be a memorable gift, something that expresses your true feelings of caring for this special person in your life. There are many cute things you can say to your boyfriend in the card that you present to him.

Think about his personality.

Think about his personality. Think of something cute to say to your boyfriend that describes a characteristic that he displays. You might compare one of his characteristics to that of a cute animal. For example, if he is playful and curious, you may want to say something cute like, "I love you more than my first puppy dog." If he is a strong, stoic person, you may say, "Thanks for being my Big Moose."

"Let’s keep building on our relationship."

Some cute things to say to your boyfriend could revolve around his job or career. For example, if he is a computer worker, you could say, "My memory is full of you," or if he is a construction worker you could say, "Let's keep building on our relationship." Try to coordinate your cute saying with something that he does at work. If he works with plants or trees, tell him, "My love for you keeps growing and growing."

You could also base the cute things to say to your boyfriend on your own job, career or hobbies. If you are a runner, you might say, "I would run 500 miles to be with you." If you work as a school teacher, say, "You're at the top of my class." Make sure each statement is relevant to your relationship and is memorable to both of you.

You might also find something cute to say to your boyfriend by considering a memorable moment the two of you have shared in the past. Perhaps you went to a special concert together. You could then say something like, "You're my guitar hero," or "You make my heart sing."

... make sure the thoughts are sincere and reflect your true feelings.

Let him know how much he means to you and how special he really is through using language that calls to mind happy and memorable times in your relationship. It can be fun to say cute things to your boyfriend in a card or on a gift, but make sure the thoughts are sincere and reflect your true feelings. After saying something cute, write a few more serious thoughts so that it becomes evident to your boyfriend that your feelings are serious and not a joke. Start out with a fun, cute saying and then expand on that to share some deeper feelings and emotions. 

You can also say some cute things to your boyfriend by having the sayings engraved onto the gift itself. This makes a memorable gift because the permanence of the engraving shows the permanence of your relationship. You could also have a cute saying printed onto a t-shirt, ball cap or a coffee mug.

Think about some of his hobbies. That may lead you to think of some more cute things to say to your boyfriend. If he is a sports fan, you might refer to one of his favorite sports teams and base your comments on that. For example, if he is a football fan, you could say, "Let’s work together as a team," or "I'm on your team." If he likes to cycle, tell him, "My heart is spinning for you." Simply combine a cute saying with the theme of his favorite sport or hobby.

Another way to come up with cute things to say to your boyfriend is to think about how you met and use this special circumstance to generate an idea. Think about your past and your future together. For instance you could say, "Since we met that day on the beach, every sunset reminds me of you." You could also say something cute about your future together such as, "Our future reminds me of the waves that day at the beach, it just continues on and on."

You can write cute things on a card for your boyfriend to present with any gift. If you want a less formal gift, just write something cute on the outside of the package. Wrap the gift in plain brown wrapping paper, and then with colorful markers, write something cute like, "Only open this if you love me," or "Warning! Opening this package can lead to romance."

You do not always have to present a card with the gift. If you don't want to put your feelings in writing, you can always tell him exactly how you feel when you present the gift to him. Putting your feelings in writing, however, will be appreciated by him if he really cares for you as he can read those expressions of love over and over again.

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