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40th Birthday Present Ideas for Your Husband

Jul 2, 2008

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One of the biggest milestones in a man’s life is turning 40 years old.  While for some men this is not a big thing, for others, reaching 40 may make a man feel not quite "old", but no longer the man he once was.

Whatever his feelings about his birthday may be, it is his day and you should treat it special.  When thinking of birthday gift ideas for him you will have to come up with something new and exciting that says how very extraordinary you think he is.  40th birthday present ideas should fit his personality and should show your love for him and all that he has meant to you.

... is he quiet and thoughtful or is he loud and boisterous?

When choosing the perfect 40th birthday present consider what type of man he is. Is he athletic, a couch potato, a car enthusiast, or is he a romantic?  Whatever type he is, your 40th birthday gift should reflect his personality.  Is he quiet and thoughtful or is he loud and boisterous?  He may not be interested in loud parties if he is calm and reserved, and a quiet night at home may not hold his attention if he is an energetic and animated person.  When planning a special birthday gift for your husband’s 40th, be sure to make his gift as unique as his individuality.

If he is more of a player than a spectator, you may want to give him a weekend of skiing or snowboarding ...

For the man who is athletic, you may find that the best gifts for him are sports oriented.  Depending on his tastes, you will want to give him something that reflects the sport he likes best.  If he is a golfer, you might consider a gift of a full day of golfing on an elite course.  If he is a fan of hockey, baseball, basketball, or any other team sport, season tickets may be the best gift for him.  If he is more of a player than a spectator, you may want to give him a weekend of skiing or snowboarding, or take him to a park where he can enjoy hiking and mountain biking as well as many other gaming interests.

Other hobby-related gifts may include tools for the closet carpenter or a gift certificate to the auto store for the car enthusiast.  Baseball, football and Nascar trading cards also might please him.  Some places also offer fantasy sports packages that will allow men to live out their fantasy of being the next great football player or basketball star.

Another great birthday gift idea for him may include those gifts that are not athletic but that cater to his gentler side. He may have some hobbies or special interest that you can tap into for 40th birthday present ideas.  In order to get an idea about these hobbies or interests, pay special attention to what he does in his spare time and ask questions when you see him collecting things or going certain places regularly.

Some men are partial to all things artistic, and the best 40th birthday present ideas may involve a day at an art gallery or museum, spending many hours interpreting what the artist meant when he painted the piece.  He may also enjoy a local theatre production of his favorite play or musical.  If music is his thing, a night at a concert or the symphony may be appreciated.

Some men prefer all of their friends to stop by for a party.

Some men have simpler tastes and would prefer a dinner and a movie, and even a walk on the beach.  He may enjoy a quiet evening by the fire and to see you in some really cute lingerie.  Some men prefer all of their friends to stop by for a party.

Lastly you may want to remember the romantic side of your husband; a delicious dinner with his favorite wine and soft music may be one of the best 40th birthday gifts.  Buy a fantastic new piece of lingerie, send the children to your mother’s house, and let him have the thing he really wants for his birthday, time alone with you.

Through planning and talking, you can find out what your man really wants for his 40th birthday.  He will be pleased that you went through all the trouble to make him feel special, and will remember how you gave him exactly what he wanted this year.

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