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50th Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Sep 10, 2009

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50th cake

Getting old is never fun for anyone, but any person who reaches the age of 50 deserves a big celebration, as they have arrived at a milestone in their life!  Forget those “over-the-hill” birthday parties for your 50-year-old friend or family member. They deserve a true celebration to rejoice the 50 wonderful years they have been on this earth. Throwing a party for anyone can be a fun and rewarding experience and throwing a 50th birthday party can be a piece of cake with these fun and creative 50th birthday party ideas. All you need is a small budget, your closest family and friends, a sense of humor and lots of love.

When planning any party, you need to start with a guest list. Do you want to invite a lot of guests and throw a huge celebration or plan a more intimate gathering with a few friends and family?   Once the guest list has been decided, you will have to pick a venue. Whether you host it at your home, rent a hall or have it at a public location (like a restaurant or a park), make sure the place you choose is large enough to hold all your guests and a few extra people, just in case the party grows.   Next, you want to choose your 50th birthday party theme. You can check out the list of 50th birthday party ideas below to find the theme that is perfectly tailored to your 50-year-old loved one. 

50th Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Golden Days 50th Birthday Party
The 50th wedding anniversary is the golden anniversary, so why shouldn't the 50th birthday be golden, too?   This is a great way to honor someone who has been truly golden in your life. Send out formal invitations, set a fancy table, bake a fancy cake and make a special toast in honor of the person turning 50. Infused with shimmer and sparkle, using all things golden is an elegant way to celebrate this milestone age. 50th Birthday party invitation idea: Faux-gold plated invitations with fancy ribbon and decorative script.

The 50th wedding anniversary is the golden anniversary, so why shouldn't the 50th birthday be golden, too?

A 50th Birthday Roast & Toast
If the 50th birthday person (and their guests) have a good sense of humor, you could consider throwing them a “roast” & a “toast”. When your guests arrive, give them index cards and pens, and ask them to write some funny lines about the birthday guest. Encourage them to tell embarrassing anecdotes and silly stories, but make sure they keep them humorous and light. When the guest of honor arrives, have them sit in the hot seat next to the podium. Begin by having one of the guests make a speech. Continue until all the guests have roasted the special guest, giving the guest of honor a chance to rebut each speaker. At the end of the roast, everyone raises their glass to toast the birthday guest in celebration. 50th Birthday party invitation idea: An invitation with a picture of a roast bird (chicken or turkey) and a bottle of wine with the wording, “Like a fine wine, [birthday guest’s name] get’s better with age”.

Encourage guests to come dressed in the styles of the 50's and 60's.

A ‘Back in the Day’ Birthday Party
Another classic 50th birthday party idea is to turn the clocks back 50 years and play up the nostalgia of the late 1950's and early 1960's. So many things have happened in 50 years, so celebrate the past as your 50th birthday party idea. Serve food and play music that was popular when your birthday guest was in their teen years. Encourage guests to come dressed in the styles of the 50's and 60's. You can even do a quiz show for your guests based on questions from the 1950's and 60's, giving out vintage prizes of fun little items from yesteryear. 50th Birthday party invitation idea: A Photo or photos of the birthday guest circa the 1950’s and 60’s, nothing too embarrassing, but a few photos that are funny or silly work best.

Who says turning 50 has to be boring and traditional?

A Pajama Party
Who says turning 50 has to be boring and traditional? One way to incite the youthfulness of the aging is to celebrate in a way that makes you feel like a kid again. Have guests come in their nicest nightwear, and plan for the birthday person's favorite movies and party games. Serve popcorn in old-fashion popcorn tins with chocolate candies and fountain sodas. You can even make it an all-nighter by providing futons or airbeds for guests to "crash" on, encouraging them to bring their sleeping bags and pillows, too! 

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